Features Available in Get Auth UI

Features Available in Get Auth UI

This article is all about the features that you get in Get Auth UI.


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Create your Get Auth UI
  1. Themes

    Users can choose from 29 themes of Daisy UI to customize the authentication themes.

    You can choose from any of the themes and get your auth ui up and running.

  2. Backend as a Service (BaaS)

    This is a type of cloud service model that provides a pre-built backend for developers to use in their applications. It typically includes services like databases, authentication, push notifications, and more, allowing developers to focus on building the front-end of their applications. Get Auth UI currently supports Appwrite and Supabase as a BaaS. You can easily create your account on these platforms and get your end point and project ID and connect with Get Auth UI in one click.

  3. Rest API

    Get Auth UI also supports custom Rest API. You'll have to create your Login Register and Forget Password API and link it to the Get Auth UI. More info on how to connect with the Get Auth UI is given in the docs.

  1. Security

    The security layer is built with AES Encryption. The sensitive data like API end point, Project ID, Anon Key are encrypted through AES Encryption in the database level.

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